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Course Hero is a website known for providing students with school assignments and homework help. Once a student keys in the problem in the search bar, there is a high probability that you will find what you are looking for. Most students seeking urgent solutions opt for the site. Still, it is vital to note that these readily available solutions are open to other students, hence not assuring personalized answers.

Course Hero offers different platforms where students can get a more customized solution to cover up for this. Moreover, the site provides students with access to several copies of study material. Nonetheless, Coursehero has the following subdivisions on the platform to make work easier for students:

·      Round-the-clock Homework Help

With a target to reach millions of students, Course Hero is available at all times to provide homework solutions for different disciplines. The website has hired competent tutors to meet all the needs of a client. From the moment you reach out to place an order to when you receive your completed paper, all processes are professional to the core. Several students have conceded that tutors at Course Hero exhibit an in-depth understanding of term papers, translating to relatively higher grades for the students. Also, students can request particular tutors to handle their essay writing help requests.

·      Textbooks and Solutions

This platform on Course Hero provides students with an adventurous exploration of different textbook questions and the solutions to these questions.

·      Study Resources

As mentioned above, Course Hero provides students with access to several copies of study material. Generally, the website provides options to upload your study materials for other students to study. In return, you get access to other study materials that were previously uploaded by the other students. The upload of several materials by different students worldwide creates an online library where students can find information on diverse topics. With a vast collection of study material, students are at a convenience whenever they study. However, in a case where you need professional assistance to grasp the taught concepts, it would be better to seek help from Course Hero tutors. The tutors will ensure that you get stepwise explanations for all problems presented.

N/B: Access to Course Hero materials requires monthly subscriptions.

How To Write a Good Essay

The fact that an essay can take you several days to write, while it only takes the admission officers a few minutes to read and make a decision, is very crucial. That is to say, the admission officers look for specific information and features of the essay to make a final decision. Therefore, when writing an essay, you must pay keen attention to identify what is required of you.

Thus, our team of professional writers here at Helphub offers you these college essay tips that would make the writing process easier than ever before. Writing college essays can be divided into three major parts:

  1. Planning
  2. Writing
  3. Editing and proofreading

Ø  Planning

You must get prepared with your college selection list, from the one you prefer the most to the least. Also, planning entails keeping all the timelines in check and having all the required documents and information at your disposal before you begin the application process. The planning process involves three main activities:

·      Proper Planning

The last-minute rush affects the quality of your essay. Take a keen interest in noting all the deadlines and keep track of them. Different colleges provide different timelines; therefore, in case you are eying more than one college, it is necessary to note all their timelines. Additionally, ensure that you have enough time to gather all the required documents to support your arguments in the essays. Lastly, have enough time to conduct research, brainstorm, make consultations, and time to go through your essay before submission.

·      Proper Understanding of the Instructions

Every college has its admission counselors who know what they are looking for in your essay. Therefore, the only way to keep them interested is by giving them what they want. To prove to the admission officers that you understand their needs, first, conduct proper research to get to know more about the college. Remember, different colleges have different core values and beliefs, so get to understand what the college advocates for. By so doing, you will be in a position to address their needs.

Secondly, find out what they term as their ideal candidate. Every college has a standard and cut-off point for selection and elimination. Therefore, before you start the application process, visit their websites to find out what exactly they are looking for.

Lastly, do not try so hard to fit the box. Remember, there are many colleges that would be glad to have you. Also, you can use your weaknesses and make them your strengths. Failing to get your desired college is never the end of life. Keep an open mind and explore other available options.

·      Topic Selection for your Essay

There are colleges that provide you with a topic for the essay. However, there are colleges that keep it open, and it is upon you to make that choice. Always ensure that you select a topic that interests you and that you feel free to talk about it. The topic you decide to write about has a major influence on how you will explain yourself. Furthermore, admission officers do not have much time to read boring essays. They have several essays they must go through too. Thus, make sure the topic you decide to write on is compelling enough to keep the reader interested in reading the entire essay.

Ø  Writing

Writing is the subsequent phase after planning. Writing a college essay is demanding and requires composure. What you write is what the admission counselors use against or for you. As noted earlier, every scholarship applicant wants to have the opportunity. Therefore, they can write as much as they can just to prove that they deserve the chance. Nevertheless, writing a college essay entails the following instructions and prompts. Also, you must answer all the questions properly and comprehensively.

Ø  Editing

Editing your essay is the last activity before you submit your essay. First, ensure that you go through your essay as many times as possible before you submit it. By so doing, you will be in a position to know whether you have answered all the questions as required. For more information on Course Hero homework help and how to write an essay, visit Helphub.

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