Argumentative Essay Help

Argumentative Essay Help

For this Argumentative Essay  you will build upon the skills you learned for Papers 1 and 2

by analyzing an issue that affects a community you belong to. Your analysis of this issue must be global—that is, it must understand all the varying perspectives and opinions that surround it. You should have some knowledge about it and an interest in doing some research in order to find out more about it. Once you’ve completed analyzing the issue, you should form an opinion that aims to solve the problem.

Begin your essay by stating this problem in the form of a good subject-matter question. Your thesis should be your answer to this question and will act as the controlling purpose of your argument essay. As you write this essay, you should address a specific audience that is skeptical about or disagrees with your point of view about this issue. The essay should be written to change this audience’s mind or perception.

This is not an easy task! You should address the unstated assumptions about your essay and the counterarguments that materialize as a result of your reasons to help your reader be more sympathetic to your point of view. Your evidence should also make clear but appropriate appeals to your audience’sethoslogos and/or pathos as you try to convince them of your point of view.

Argumentative Essay HelpIn terms of format, you should design your essay appropriately for your intended audience. This means you should be familiar not only with the issue, but how the community affected by this issue talks about it. The terminology you include should therefore be familiar to the community this issue affects and should also be accurately defined as you introduce it. You must also clearly indicate your involvement with the community in question.

There is also much room for you to choose your own organization for this essay, but you should write a clear introduction, a body that not only presents of the reasons and evidence in support of your own views, but also summarizes and responds to opposing views. A tentative solution should indicate the “so what?” of your argument, where your points should lead. A conclusion that addresses the “larger significance” of your argument should round off your essay.

This closed form essay and should be 5-7 pages long. You should also create a works cited page, where you will reference no less than 3 sources. You may, if you wish, conduct your own research by interviewing people or distributing questionnaires. Get Argumentative Essay Help With HelpHub