How to Write A Process Essay

A process essay also referred to as a “how-to” essay is mostly written for companies or people that require a set of instructional steps or tutorials. Process essays have a similar format for any variations. Generally, they follow a step-by-step form, with the first step influencing the second, which then influences the third step, and so on to the last step. Every step bears significance, and providing a poor or shallow explanation of a step has a major negative implication on the whole process. Thus, it is critical to ensure that you are well-prepared and informed. If you are having challenges with preparation, timing, or even comprehension, visit HelpHub for more guide and on how to write a process essay.

What Is A Process Essay?

A process essay is an essay that explains a process step by step and provides comprehensive guidance for a work mechanism, process, and procedure. The objective of a process essay is to give the readers directions and guidance.

Process essays are characterized by providing a detailed explanation of a process using the description. Frequently used words are “next”, “then”, “further”, “initially”, “last”, and “finally”. Additionally, it is critical to remember that process essays have the following features:

  • Straightforward and clear narration-the worst that can ever happen is confusing the readers with thoughts that are unorganized and complex language.
  • Chronological order- do not skip steps, and do not shift them since it will cause misunderstanding and the readers will get frustrated following your process.
  • Transitional words- ensure that you separate one step from the other using transitional words
  • Description of steps- always make sure that all the steps you have indicated are clear, simple, and easy to follow.

How to Write A Process Essay

Writing a process essay can be challenging and fun at the same time. The following are some of the general tips that you can use to make the writing process easy and meet all the expectations:

  • Determine the skill level of your audience- it is essential to base the level of the complexity of the process essay on the target audience. For instance, if you are writing a process essay for your astrophysics professor on the creation of a black hole in the universe, it is essential to use informative and sophisticated terminology. However, if you are writing to your friend a process essay on how to change a car tire, you should use the most basic vocabulary.
  • Create a list of materials- generally, creating a process comes with fundamentals. Whether it is ideas or items, the essence of knowing the requirements beforehand and ensuring that they are ready to go is important. List all the materials in order of relevance with the most important and impact ideas being top of the list.
  • Clearly write out every task- every step in a process essay bears a level of significance. It is critical to write out each step since a whole process cannot be complete if you skip a step. It is vital to include every step. However, do not provide too many explanations. It is essential to bring out the tutorial to a microscopic level, however, you must make sure that each point is clear, complete, and understandable.

Process Essay Outline

There is a standard scheme for most essays: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. However, a good process essay should have an outline below:

Ø  An Introduction

The introduction is where you provide a brief introduction of what the topic is about, explain why you have selected the topic, and how you are set to approach the explanation of the processes. The first thing that you would want to attain as a process essay writer is to ensure your readers are interested in the individual processes. One way of doing this is to give a little historical background. Individuals tend to be curious to know the origin of what they are working on, and introducing the history tends to intrigue the reader and give them a sense of purpose for the matter.

Ø  Body Paragraphs

The body is the biggest section of the process essay and should be divided into paragraphs for easier comprehension and structure. Ensure that every paragraph is coherent and bears a single idea. The first paragraph should have the first step of the whole process. Clearly explain what the step is, the best way to undertake the process, and how to evade ordinary mistakes when carrying out the process. Do the same for the next paragraph.

In most cases, breaking down every process into subheadings helps to enhance comprehension as it makes reading easier. Also, it is essential to keep things efficient and smooth. Break down the body paragraphs in unison with the steps.

Ø  The Conclusion

Provide an elaborate explanation of why the instructions are of value. You should use this chance to convince the readers that the steps you have detailed and the whole process will be essential to them in the future. Always remember that the conclusion paragraph should be short.

The main objective of the conclusion is to, first, discuss the main result-after the readers have gone through the process, they should have the final result. Second, restate the general purpose of the process. When the readers get a feeling that they have learned something from the process, accomplished a challenge, and have a direction to follow to attain the results, they will attain satisfaction. Lastly, state your general conclusion. Restate some highlighted points and the overall purpose of the process.

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