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An informative essay engages readers with interesting, new, and surprising details and facts on a topic or subject. The key goal of informative essays is to pass on information; most readers have a major expectation of learning from such essays. Much of the writing and reading is done in the place of work and college.

From reports to textbooks to tutorials, informative writing provides important and significant information on s subject or topic. It is for this reason that we, HelpHub, provide this detailed article on informative essay writing to provide you with sufficient professional guidance. In this article, we provide you with a guide on informative essay writing.

Why Informative Essay Writing?

The objective of your writing and the audience you are targeting will greatly impact the scope and depth of the information you give. However, an informative essay is aimed at providing the readers with information without bias or opinions. The following are some of the general reasons why people write informative essays:

  • Communicate information about a place, person, issue, event, or change that is likely to enhance the understanding of the audience and the readers.
  • Present information on facts that the readers would find essential
  • Report the various findings that the audience would find interesting

Features Of Informative Essays

Informative essays present facts and do not try to change the perspective of the readers on the subject. On the other hand, there are some forms of academic writing that aim at influencing the opinions and perspectives of the readers:

  • Persuasive essays – these essays aim at influencing the opinions of the readers so they can have a similar opinion on the subject.
  • Expository essays – these essays aim to showcase the truth about a subject in order to influence the point of view of the readers.

Generally, the key objective of persuasive and expository essays is to present “arguments”. On the other hand, the key argument of informative essays is on subjects that exist, subjects that did exist, happening, or has been encountered in the past, and the role of the essay is not to argue but inform the readers on the subject.

Informative essays educate and enlighten readers, so they can have the chance to make informed and educated decisions and opinions on how to act and what to think.

Steps For Informative Essay Writing

1)    Carefully Brainstorm and Select a Suitable Topic

It is vital to understand what you will be writing about. Remember that before you begin informative essay writing, you must carefully go through the instructions provided. Understand the terms and requirements to have a comprehensive guide on how you will conduct your research. There are instances where your academic instructor will provide you with a topic. However, in case you are not issued with one, you must make sure that the essay is as informative as possible.

Select a simple topic that interests you. Avoid subjects that will make it difficult to expound on. Remember you are educating the readers, so, you need to be sure that the information you are giving is correct and significant, and that you have sufficient evidence to support all the information you issue.

2)    Write Your Thesis Statement

You can have your thesis statement in form of a question. An informative essay is based on facts about what is present, what has happened, or what is happening. Your thesis statement should be straightforward. Do not leave room for bias or arguments. The main objective is to provide more information and new information if possible. Reposting findings and giving your essay relevance. Your thesis statement should be short and precise.

3)    Conduct Comprehensive Research

Research is the backbone of an informative essay. You need as much information as possible to completely elaborate on a subject. If the subject is what has happened before, there is a possibility of existing information on the subject. Therefore, you must conduct comprehensive research to confirm if the existing information is obsolete, or reliable, or if you can add more information to it.

Be careful not to write rumors. For statistical figures, ensure that you attach the evidence. Also, you can use diagrams and graphs to depict trends. As you read through articles, books, and journals, ensure that you write down all points that you deem important and would want to include in your essay.

4)    Have A Suitable Outline for Your Essay

Like all academic essays, it is important to have a clear and suitable outline for your informative essay. The outline should be as follows:

·      The Introduction

The introduction plays a key role when writing any essay. It is in the introduction that you let the readers know the objective of the essay. Write your thesis statement in a precise and clear manner so that the readers can easily understand what you are talking about. The introduction should be short and make the readers want to read the rest of the essay.

·      Body Paragraphs

It is in the body paragraphs that you clearly and comprehensively elaborate on the facts. Use enough evidence to support your claims and leave no room for doubt. Take note of the length of the essay since it will determine the number of paragraphs in the essay. Capture all the important points first. Use tangible evidence and quote from approved sources. Do not use rumors since they trigger debates. Keep in mind the thesis of the essay and ensure that all your paragraphs answer the presented question.

·      The Conclusion

Use the conclusion to summarize the essay. Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion. Wrap up using clear statements on the subject and ensure that the readers will be satisfied. Always have it in the back of your mind that you are educating the readers, therefore, stick to the thesis statement.

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