Digital Media And Marketing

Digital Media And Marketing

Marketing communications are the mouthpiece of the organization and it becomes one of the main ways to start building a relationship with consumers. The marketing communications mix contains eight main methods of communication:

• Advertising

• Sales promotion

• Events and experiences

• Public relations and publicity

• Online and social media marketing

• Mobile marketing

• Direct and database marketing

• Personal selling

By employing one or a combination of these methods, marketers attempt to build long-lasting relationships with their target consumers. The brand’s value proposition is communicated with the hope of building customer loyalty, eventually leading to brand equity.

For this assignment, you will write a paper to examine the media sources used to reach you as a member of the target population for a given brand.


1. Complete the assigned readings and any optional readings or videos you choose for this unit.

2. Review the Writing Assignments and Presentations Rubric in Materials below to see how your work for this assignment will be graded.

3. In a Microsoft Word document, write a paper in which you choose a brand (for which you would be considered a member of its target market) and examine all of the media sources used to communicate. State what media sources the brand is using and determine whether the brand has consistently communicated a specific message.

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