Weighted Average Cost of Capital Assignment

Weighted Average Cost of Capital Assignment

Question 18 is worth 15 points 18.Black Diamond, Inc., a manufacturer of carbon and graphite products for the aerospace and transportation industries, is considering several funding alternatives for an investment project. To finance the project, the company can sell 1,000 15-year bonds with a S1,000 face value, 7% coupon rate. The bonds require an average discount of $50 per bond and flotation costs of $40 per bond when being sold. The company can also sell 5,000 shares of preferred stock that will pay a $2 dividend per share at a price of S40 per share. The cost of issuing and selling preferred stocks is expected to be $5 per share.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital AssignmentTo calculate the cost of common stock, the company uses the dividend discount model. The firm just paid a dividend of S3 per common share. The company expects this dividend to grow at a constant rate of 3% per year indefinitely. The flotation costs for issuing new common shares are 7%. The company plans to sell 10,000 shares at a price of S50 per share. The company’s tax rate is 40%

a) Calculate the company’s after-tax cost of long-term debt

b) Calculate the Company’s cost of preferred equity

c) Calculate the company’s cost of common equity

d) Calculate the company’s weighted average cost of capital

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