Source Incorporation and Academic Integrity

Source Incorporation and Academic Integrity

Part 1: Research & Review

Pay particular attention to the following as you review the Required Resources for this activity:

  • : Building Body Paragraphs section
  • : Signal Phrases section

Then, choose one of the sources you have collected so far this term.

Part 2: Application
Draft a body paragraph for the upcoming pro/con position paper, incorporating one paraphrase and one quote.

  • The paragraph should contain a topic sentence, evidence, and conclusion/connection. Strive for a minimum of 5 complete sentences.
  • The paraphrase should be introduced with a signal phrase.
  • The quote should be introduced and explained.
  • Both the paraphrase and quote should be cited in-text and on a reference page.

Then, answer the following prompts:

  • Explain your approach to paraphrasing vs quoting.
  • What made the quote stand out?
  • Based on the information from the Turnitin plagiarism link, how did you ensure both the paraphrase and quote were not plagiarized?
  • How did reviewing the Turnitin plagiarism link impact how you incorporated your resources?
  • Do you prefer to paraphrase or quote? Why is that the case?

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