How to Write an IB Paper

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What Is an IB Paper?

An IB paper is a precise kind of research paper, assigned in international baccalaureate schools and programs, where your research essay must ensure the integration of key components which are regarded as unique to an IB program. Although an IB paper is a research paper or essay, it must attain the conventions of the IB program that one is enrolled in. that is to say, an IB paper is written on the ground of precise formatting style and referencing, and it will entail IB-specific ideas such as the exploration area.

Typically, one has the freedom to select their topic of choice when writing an IB paper. However, there are instances where the interests of your IB paper advisor might be different from your interests, so it is important to always consult with your IB paper advisor regarding the topic you should write on. Additionally, it is essential to remember that you are likely to get better grades when you write on a topic that interests you. Generally, an IB paper is an advanced form of research paper meant to reflect the standards of the different entities accrediting international schools and international baccalaureate programs.

Steps on How to Write an IB Paper

The following are some steps that can provide comprehensive help and guide on how to write an IB paper:

  1. Maintain simplicity
  2. Establish a clear plan
  3. Logically and coherently support your arguments
  4. Write an introduction
  5. Editing and proofreading

ü  Maintain Simplicity

When you fail to have a clear and simple structure, you make it hard to understand your points. Therefore, it is critical to have several tangible pieces of evidence and make the paper as interesting as possible. Present a clear and simple argument, ensure you make a good point, and issue comprehensive support to it. You are probably wondering how you can make clear arguments. First, construct short and simple sentences. Second, avoid using complex words and use vocabulary that is easy to understand. Lastly, avoid words that have several meanings. Such words can make your point debatable. Remember you are convincing the reader not presenting a case for debate.

ü  Establish a Clear Plan

You should have a point you want to put across and know how to present it. However, before you begin putting the points down in writing, it is critical to consider the following questions: what is the evidence to support your argument? Who will agree with you? Who is likely to disagree with you? Logically present your points. After clearly stating your points and supporting them, you should manage possible critics. Begin with what you want to show them then prove it step by step.

ü  Logically and Coherently Support Your Arguments

You should clearly showcase the relationship between every argument and the main point, or the thesis statement. The bottom line is to always imagine that the readers are not very smart and need you to make every point as clear as possible to them. By so doing, all your arguments become clear and easy to understand.

ü  Write an Introduction

An introduction has two key purposes. One is to hook the readers by presenting interesting facts on the matter. Second, the introduction gives the readers a glimpse of what the paper is about. This provides a basis that makes it easier for the readers to follow the arguments and have a stand on the same. Normally, it is better to write the introduction after writing the body paragraphs. This is given to the aspect that some students have their arguments changing as they write the paper. Therefore, they prefer writing the introduction last when they are convinced of their stand. Hence, always consider writing the introduction after writing the main parts.

ü  Editing and Proofreading

After you are done writing the paper, carefully read through the paper before you hand it in. create time to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, you can get someone to help you check since there is always a chance of missing out on small mistakes. Formatting an IB paper relies on the precise international baccalaureate agreements and your institution. You must carefully follow the formatting style provided by your institution since there are varying accreditation bodies. Although the main formatting styles for IB papers is Chicago and Harvard style, there are some IB papers that require special formatting and referencing styles that are exclusive to the organization that you are writing the paper.

While several IB papers are different from traditional research papers in terms of exploration of the integration areas, there is an extensive variation of IB papers in terms of the elements expected in them from institution to institution. It is for this reason that you must examine the guide of the IB paper issued by your institution and consult your IB advisor on how to tackle the paper.

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