How To Write a Definition Essay

Writing essays is a compulsory part of your academics. Essay writing analyzes the understanding of the topics and information evaluation. A definition essay is not a type of essay normally assigned to students in college and high school. These kinds of essays explain and define a topic by providing its literal terms and common meanings. Definition essays are considered less demanding, unlike argumentative essays. Nevertheless, since it is a formal type of writing, the assignment requires effort and information that one can rely on.

Writing a good and comprehensive essay requires good formatting and proper structure to ensure maximum readership and comprehension of the content. Therefore, the writer needs to structure the whole text using an outline.

What Is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is an essay that provides a full characterization of an object or subject to the audience. A definition essay requires you to write a personal yet academic explanation of a particular word. The provided definition must be lengthy and thorough. It is important to select a word that will room to write more, and with a few tactics, you can use to expound on them.

What is the structure of a definition essay?

Below are a few tips to keep in mind while writing a definition essay:

  1. Introduce the standard definition
  2. Define the term in your own words in the thesis
  3. Have different parts of the definition in different paragraphs
  4. The conclusion should be a summary of the key points.
  5. Mention how the definition impacts you-optional

ü  Introduce The Standard Definition

First, you have to clearly state what the word or text is. Also, indicate the dictionary or traditional meaning of the word in the first paragraph. By so doing, you establish a context and a primary level of knowledge of the text or word. Establishing grounds for elaboration gives you room to clearly and comprehensively define the word and own the provided definition.

Additionally, providing a standard definition of the word is critical especially when the traditional definition of your text differs from your personal definition in outstanding ways.

ü  Define The Term in Your Own Words in The Thesis

The thesis should entail the definition of the text in your own words. Always make sure that the definition you provide is basic and brief. By so doing, you give room for more elaboration in the body. Most importantly, never repeat a section of the defined part in your definition.

ü  Have Different Parts of The Definition in Different Paragraphs

Every method or tactic used while defining your term should be carefully explored in a different paragraph. Always remember that you do not need to use all probable means of defining a word in your definition essay. Use different methods to establish a well-rounded, full image of the term. Note that some methods work well with some terms while others do not. Take time and plan properly. You do not want to confuse the readers or let the readers know that you do not understand what you are talking about.

ü  The Conclusion Should Be a Summary of The Key Points.

The conclusion is an equally important part of the definition essay. Briefly provide a summary of all your key points at the beginning of the concluding paragraph. The summary does not have to be as elaborate as you might imagine. Normally, examining the topic sentence of every paragraph is a great tactic to create a simplified list of the key points. A topic sentence is the first sentence of each paragraph that bears the key point to be elaborated on in the rest of the paragraph. Additionally, you can conclude the essay by making reference to the images or phrases evoked in the introduction.

ü  Mention How the Definition Impacts You-Optional

If it happens that the term you are defining plays a major role in your life, you are free to mention the role it plays briefly. This is one major way of letting the audience understand that you relate to and comprehends what you are talking about. Additionally, it is also a way of showing the readers that you are aware and understand how the term impacts your environment, thus, establishing a sense of familiarity.

Elements of an Effective Definition Essay

The following are some key elements of an effective definition:

ü  Use Examples to Illustrate the Meaning

Usually, people relate to vivid images or stories, thus, using a suitable image or story that they can relate to can be a suitable tactic of clarification.

ü  Provide Background Information

Conducting comprehensive research on the etymology of a term is critical. Provide an elaborate explanation of the origin of the word and how is comes to mean what it currently refers to.

ü  Use A Familiar Term to Compare an Unfamiliar Term

An unknown or unfamiliar concept can be made easily using a familiar concept. Use concepts that are easily accessible to an average person to expound on terms that are unfamiliar. Establish an environment that includes everyone. While you do that, stay focused and ensure all the arguments, examples, and definitions are linked to the thesis statement.

ü  Use a Disputable Word

Besides using a complex word, make sure that the word you select also refers to something that can have different meanings to different people. To some point, a definition essay is subjective as one is required to provide an analysis and a definition of a word from their perspective. Remember if your conclusion or the answer you derive after an analysis of the word is the same as the answer of most people, then your essay probably lacks the required depth.

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