How To Write a Capstone Project

Capstone projects are academic papers that serve to provide a summary of the experience of students. A capstone project paper is written in the final year of high school or middle school or as part of a university or college course. capstone projects can be assigned to IT, business, engineering, nursing, and any other course. We, HelpHub, provide affordable capstone project writing services and have a comprehensive guide on how to write a capstone project.

A capstone project is a means of summarizing competencies and skills that students gain during the course. Such projects can be in the form of surveys, research papers, case studies, focus groups, outcome-based evaluations, and more. However, the complexity and the type of the project will depend on the requirements provided by the tutor and the course. Generally, a capstone project will be linked with future specialization and need strong skills in public speaking, teamwork, and analytical and critical thinking.

Eight Steps on How to Write a Capstone Project

The following are 8 critical steps on how to write a capstone project:

1.     Think Of a Suitable Topic

It is important that students contemplate the topic from the start of the course. carefully take notes of all the ideas that are raised and discussed in class and during discussion. Select a topic that is manageable and most importantly, select a topic that interests you. Conduct comprehensive research on the topic, you can talk to your classmates, the faculty, or students you have worked on a similar topic.

Identify the various ways in which the topic is connected to your experiences. The capstone project should showcase how the skills and knowledge obtained while taking the course can be applied in real life. however, there can be cases where your academic instructor provides a topic. When such happens, seek clarifications from the professor on areas you do not understand. Remember that a capstone project has a huge impact on your final grades. Therefore, you might want to do your best.

2.     Write a Proposal for Your Capstone Project

You will be required to submit a proposal to your tutor before writing the project. A capstone project proposal is normally a paper of at least 200 words. The following are some essential pointers to note when you are wondering, how to write a capstone project proposal:

  • Mention the topic stating why you want to write about it.
  • Write about your background or experience in that precise topic.
  • Indicate the scope of available sources and information.
  • Highlight your plan and how you will carry out the research, including the methods.
  • Indicate the needed human and workplace subject approvals.
  • Set the objectives of the project.
  • In case you are instructed to provide a broader proposal, you will be required to have a methodology and literature review you intend to use while working on the project.

3.     Collect Information

Identify the various sources you will use and look for information significant to your capstone project topic. Use course materials, here you can find a list of recommended scholarly literature references and important links. Structure data in different files, label them well and use tags to ease navigation. Additionally, highlight related articles to your topic that you are likely to discuss in the literature review section. Carefully categorize the articles into groups.

4.     Develop A Suitable Structure

There is a possibility of having varying structures for different capstone projects. It is important to have a clear structure to help you divide your work in a logical manner and have enough time to expound on each section. Below is a typical structure of a capstone project;

Section 1: Title page

Section 2: Introduction

Section 3: Literature review

Section 4: Methodology

Section 5: Results and discussion

Section 6: Conclusion and recommendations

Section 7: References

5.     Create A Timetable

It is critical to observe time since a capstone project is voluminous. One key tactic to manage time is creating a timetable with the various tasks and clearly and reasonably setting deadlines. Additionally, be flexible and occasionally update the timetable since you are likely to take more time doing other tasks and take less time completing others contrary to the initial plan. You can use your computer or phone organizers to keep track of time and progress.

6.     Writing

The thesis statement is the thesis of the capstone project. Create a thesis statement that is precise and short. Also, remember that the introduction is the last section to write while writing the capstone project. The best introduction comes when you have fully interacted with the different sections of the project. Additionally, include the key issue and indicate the limitations of your study.

Summarize all the findings of the available information on the topic in the literature review. Make overall conclusions and provide a short analysis of every valuable source for the research.

Describe the information you gathered during research in the results section. Visual data in charts and tables if the information gathered is statistical. Additionally, include descriptions and interpretations of the data.

Summarize all the findings and provide recommendations for more applications and research in the conclusions section. Link all the points to the thesis statement.

7.     Proofreading And Editing

Go through the first draft and make necessary amendments. Ensure all sections are included, complete, and arranged logically. Lastly, format the text to the required format as provided in the instructions. If you are finding it a challenge, contact an expert at HelpHub to professionally handle your capstone project.

8.     Prepare To Defend Your Project

Most capstone projects are defended before the project committee. The presentation quality has a huge impact on the evaluation of the whole project. You will have to tell the significance of your topics, elaborate on the research, and talk about your findings. Besides the presentation, be ready to answer the various questions the committee is likely to ask during the presentation. Since the committee has gone through the drafts you submitted earlier, always remember that the session will be more like a discussion and not a presentation. For more information on how to write a capstone project, visit HelpHub.

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