How To Balance Life and Studying

It is crucial to obtain a balance between the different roles you play in order to optimize functioning. Usually, some students wear different hats: worker, classmate, friend, sister, partner, etc. in most cases these roles are in conflict, and students must be in a position to attend to the many factors while assessing priorities and boundaries.

Obtaining a balance between life and studying is essential for ideal academic functioning. Normally, students prioritize academics at the expense of personal engagements, such as exercise and relationships. As a result, there is likely to be a decline in their academic performance, well-being, and general health which are critical factors to obtain academic functioning.

Guide On How to Balance Life and Studying

Self-discipline, self-motivation, the ability to prioritize, and time management are all critical elements to ensure you graduate a healthy and all-rounded person. The following tips are essential in helping you develop what you need to ensure you excel beyond academic life.

  1. Strive to be an achiever and not a perfectionist
  2. Time-management
  3. Beware of stress
  4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Strive To Be an Achiever and Not a Perfectionist

A perfectionist conforms to a set of behavior and thoughts that are self-defeating with the aim of attaining unrealistic and high goals. The whole basis of perfectionism is on excellence standards and fueled by the need and urge to get approval from others. Striving and stressing to attain 100% in every assignment, project, or any other cause that one finds a success can result in the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Rigidity
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Lack of motivation
  • Guilt
  • Relationship problems
  • Procrastination

However, it is important to note that there is no problem aiming to be your best. Nevertheless, it is critical to know your limits. Always remember that you can become an achiever without being a perfectionist. The following practices can help you become an achiever:

  • Have a positive reaction to constructive feedback
  • Set high standards that are realistic and achievable
  • View mistakes as learning and growth opportunities
  • Enjoy and be part of the process and not just the outcome
  • Monitor all your negative and positive thoughts

Time Management

Proper time management is a critical element to professional and academic success. It is an important skill that will help you focus your efforts on what is essential while setting priorities right. The following are some of the ways you can ensure effective and efficient management of your time:

  • Asses the time you waste-be honest with yourself
  • Plan your schedule
  • Avoid being a perfectionist
  • Make an effective to-do list
  • Set deadlines and goals for every project
  • Set priorities
  • Break large assignments or tasks into smaller sections

Beware Of Stress

Stress keeps us aware and focused on all that needs to be attended to. Stress can help you complete assignments and study harder. However, when the stress levels become more than a tool of motivation, or when there is too much pressure, you may encounter stress overload.

Below are signs of stress overload

  • Depression or sadness
  • Panic attacks or anxiety
  • Smoking, using drugs, overeating, or drinking too much
  • A feeling of constant pressure
  • Sleeping problems
  • Physical symptoms such as chest pain, headaches, or stomach problems
  • Allergic reactions, such as asthma or eczema

However, it is important to note that there is a remedy for stress. The following are some ways to relieve stress:

  • Seek help- normally, individuals with strong friendships or family connections manage stress better.
  • Exercise- do regular exercise as it helps keep the levels of stress in control
  • Make the best of a stressful situation- be positive and optimistic- your attitude, outlook, and thoughts have a major influence on the way you perceive your environment.
  • Learn the various ways to relax your body- you can achieve this by getting a massage, embracing meditation, and breathing exercises.
  • Talk to your loved ones or friends
  • Laugh
  • Create a column for everything that makes you happy

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Emotional and physical well-being plays a key role in your professional, individual, and academic success. Create time and ensure that you take time to create and maintain an informed and active wellness plan.

Ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Eat healthy food
  • Have enough sleep and exercise regularly
  • Creating time and enjoying time with family and friends
  • Have personal time

Managing Conflicting Demands Between Life and Studying

Managing the several demands of life and studying can be challenging. However, you can be successful if you keep the following tips in mind:

ü  Get Organized and Set a Schedule for The Week

Set aside time for family, study, exercise, and any other task that you need to be done. Determine your concentration plan and work around that for academic excellence. Additionally, identify the best environment for study. This should be a place where you can easily access reading materials, have enough air circulation, and take reasonable amounts of breaks.

ü  Be Where You Are- Be in One Place at a Time

Do not worry about what you are not doing. Focus as much as possible on the task you have at hand. Do not think about work when you are in class. Also, do not let work come in the way of school and family.

ü  Learn To Say “No”

Never volunteer to run new projects and initiatives or take on new families when you do not have to.  Meeting your responsibilities at home, and in school will be enough of a challenge already. Always remember that it is temporary.

ü  Use Your Support System

Discuss your expectations for school with your friends and family. Let them know about your schedule in order for them to know when you are available and when you will be unavailable. Are you still finding it hard to attain a balance between life and studying? Worry no more. HelpHub is here to provide you with all the professional guidance you need on how to balance life and studying. Reach out to us and have a professional guide you.

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