Ethical And Legal Aspects Of Nursing Practice

Ethical And Legal Aspects Of Nursing Practice

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Question 1.

Both the bachelor’s level BSNs associate level achieved by the ADNs get the authority to practice as RNs and the same level of licensing. Despite the roles of ADN and BSN overlapping, leaders in the nursing sector continue to hold that they are not the same. The AND program looks faster and easier compared to a BSN which provide a chance for a complex patient care. The raging debate has led many nursing schools to improve the level of education provided to nurses. However, the feasibility of starting with ADN depends on whether an individual will work in acute and long-term care setting, at an urban or rural hospital and even the part of the nation.

Question 2.

According to evidence-based research, there are better acute care outcomes in hospitals where nurses hold a BSN than where there are ADNs. The patient outcomes are reflected even in mortality rates. There are more emphasis placed on informatics and research BSN programs than ADNs (Jeffreys, 2020). Moreover, research hold that such systemic issues as hospital-associated infections which affect mortality as easy to address in a hospital when most nurses hold higher degrees. As such, a majority of hospital positions are either BSN preferred or BSN only.

Question 3.

The pathways of getting a BSN degree vary. After high school, one can opt for a two-year ADN to prepare them. Alternatively, one may opt for a one-year Licensed Practice Nurse program. However, one can also start a BSN degree after acquiring a high school diploma. This option requires one to have passed in mandatory prerequisite subjects including science, Math, Social Sciences and English. The student should also apply for financial support to help pay for their study.

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