Corporate Business Structure Assignment

Corporate Business Structure

Part I: Multiple Choice (943-27) Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Which form of corporate business structure is the least likely to have governance problems? sole proprietorship b. partnership limited corporate partner corporation

Excellent Codes of Corporate Governance have what common traits? they address core conflicts of interest between managers and owners b. they must include the number of members of the board of directors c. they establish corporate office hours d. they establish management compensation policies

Suppose you expect receiving $1,331 three years from today, and the interest rate is 10 percent each year.

What’s the present value of it? $1,000 b. S1,210 c. $1,331

You estimate that you will need about $80,000 to send your child to college in eight years. You have about $35,000 now. If you can earn 10 percent per year, will you make it? a. Yes b No

Which one of the following features distinguishes an ordinary annuity from an annuity due? a. Number of equal payments b. Amount of each payment c. Frequency of the payments d. Annuity interest rate e. Timing of the annuity payments. Get Finance homework help today