Draft Of Final Business Report

Draft Of Final Business Report

Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflects in assignment:

  • Draft a formal business report (CLO 2)
  • Synthesize sources to build an argument in a formal business report (CLO 3)


The purpose of this assignment is to draft your business report and submit it for feedback from your instructor.


Write a first draft of the final business report and submit it to your instructor for written feedback and revision advice.  Keep in mind that draft does not equal an outline or one or two pages of notes.  While you may not be finished entirely with the draft, you should give your instructor as much material in the body portion as possible, so they can give you feedback on global content issues such as organization, document design, development, or use of sources.

While the points you are awarded for this assignment do not account for the overall quality of the work you submitted (as the primary purpose is not evaluation), you will get maximum points for submitting a substantial draft.  There is an additional benefit here in that the more material you submit for feedback, the better feedback you will get, and the better revisions you might do for the final graded draft. If you have specific questions you would like your instructor to address, include those in your draft.

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