Wellness Journal Assignment

Wellness Journal

Test # 3- Wellness Journal (80 points)

For each topic listed below, create a one page single-space (minimum) paper about: your relation to the topic, specific instances in your life when the topic impacted you, and your personal philosophy regarding the topic. You must use specific information from your lecture notes or guest speaker PowerPoint slides.

Use 10 point Times New Roman font and Microsoft Word. Save your work in a file named-                “KIN 1600- Wellness Journal”. Proper grammar and spelling is expected.

The guest speaker PowerPoint slides are on the course Moodle site.

Topics are:

1-Unintentional injuries (accidents)

2- Intentional injuries (violence)


4-Death and Dying


6/11-Guest PP slides                                                                                                                                                               -eating disorders, nutrition, sexual violence, bystander education, sexual transmitted diseases, contraception

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