Video Assignment

Video Assignment

Based on the videos, provide a written analysis and / or reflection that respond to the video. Respond to each question using complete sentences. Your responses must be theory-based. 3 pages Max.

1. What did the teacher do in his/her interaction with students that influenced student learning?

2. What did the students do to demonstrate whether they were learning or are distracted from learning?

3. Did the teacher use wait time effectively? How do you know?

4. How good was the teacher at supporting transition in the class?

5.  What types of questions were asked? Please explain

6.  Do the questions demand the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills? (DO NOT JUST ANSWER YES OR NO) Explain your answer.

7.  Are most of the questions answered with one or two words? If so, based on theory, what strategy will you implement in future lessons?

8.  Do the questions promote discussion? If so, based on theory, why are discussion/ dialogue important?

9. Did the teacher encourage an environment of curiosity about the learning?

10. How was diversity implemented in the lesson?

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