Thomas Green Case Analysis

Thomas Green Case Analysis

Summary of the Case 

Using between 175-200 words, please summarize the course by including the important events and characters highlighted. You should try to convince me that you have a good handle on the core elements of the case.

Character Analysis

You will analyze each of the main characters below using relevant content from our course. When you bring up a course concept that helps clarify problems, issues, or solutions in the case, be sure to define and explain what that concept means along with how it relates to the case details.

A. Shannon MacDonald

B. Frank Davis

C. Thomas Green

Core Problem 

Describe what you think the main problem in this case is. As you describe it use course terminology that helps with your understanding.


How do you recommend solving this case? What should Thomas Green do? Which influence tactics would be useful in helping solve the case (Chapter 13). What aspects of organizational politics and political skill should be taken into consideration?

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