Smartphones and Smartwatches Assignment

Smartphones and Smartwatches

Illustrious Innovations is a for-profit C corporation, whose headquarters is located in Manhattan, New York. which was founded on December 20, 2009, by Susan Savvy and George Genius. Susan and George became inspired during their last year of college after seeing a need for high tech electronics that have multiple functions all in one. Susan and George raised proceeds through a very successful crowdfunding campaign. The exposure through social media was explosive as their business is located in the United States, thus creating jobs for American workers. Illustrious Innovations has international and domestic vendors located in Atlanta, Illinois, Japan, Africa, and Washington D.C.

We employ around 25,000 full and part time employees throughout the U.S. We have retail locations in California, Illinois, Hawaii, Atlanta, Texas, Boston, Florida, and Ohio. We have a high presence of corporate social responsibility and include employees in fund-raising efforts 3-4 times a year for various charities. Much of our success is attributed to receiving input from our staff during town hall meetings. Also, we receive survey information from customers online and from our retail locations. Get Finance homework help today