Simulation Reflection Assignment

Simulation Reflection Assignment

Throughout the weeks, you made key business decisions. Reflect on those decisions and outcomes by answering the following questions:

1. What were the highlights of your overall plan? What objectives did you have? Did you achieve them?

2. How was your financial performance?

3. What important takeaways did you have from this business simulation experience? 

Instructions: You have two options for this assignment. You can either respond to these three questions in writing or by video. If you are doing the written reflection, make sure it’s 500-600 words with correct spelling and grammar in a paragraph format. You can upload a file or type directly into this assignment dropbox. If you are responding via video, make sure it’s 5-6 minutes in length. You can submit a video link (i.e. YouTube link) or upload a video file. Refer to the rubric for grading.

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