Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis

In your rhetorical analysis, you could write about a number of different aspects of how the two articles have been constructed, including issues such as:

· What is the purpose of each article? (By that I mean, what is the author trying to accomplish?)

· Who is the intended audience for each article (and how can you tell)?

· What is the primary argument presented by each article (the thesis)?

· What methods do the authors use to support their opinions? (For instance, do they use logos, or logical appeals?  Do they use pathos, or emotional appeals?)  Cite specifics examples.

· How does each author establish their ethos (their credibility as an expert)?

· How does the kairos (time and place) of each article affect its message? (What was happening in the U.S. at that time that might have made people interested in hearing their message?)

You might not be able to cover all of those issues in detail in 2-3 pages, or you might have other interesting features you’d like to address, so focus your attention on the aspects you feel deserve the most discussion.

 but my primary concern is in seeing you engage with these two articles and having you think deeply about how these authors created their argument.  GetBest Assignment Writing Service with HelpHub.