Revenue Management Model Assignment

Revenue Management Model

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  1. Develop a revenue management (maximizing) model based on the information given in the scenario.
  1. How many seats should be allocated to each of the 16 itineraries to maximize revenue?
  2. Assume operating costs for each of the legs is as follows:
    1. Leg 1 = $20,250
    2. Leg 2 = $19,750
    3. Leg 3 = $20,500
    4. Leg 4 = $19,500

Freedom Airlines recently started operations in the Southwest. The airline owns two airplanes, one based in Phoenix and the other in Denver. Each airplane has a coach section with 140 seats available. Each afternoon, the Phoenix based airplane flies to San Francisco with stopovers in Las Vegas and in San Diego. The Denver-based airplane also flies to San Francisco with stopovers in Las Vegas and in San Diego. Each airplane returns to its home-base with no stopovers.

Freedom Airlines uses two coach-fare classes: A discount fare (A) and a full fare (B). Discount fares are available with a 21-day advance purchase. Full fares applied at any time, up to the time of the flight.

Below is the daily fare and demand data for 16 selected Freedom Airline itineraries. Itineraries 1 through 6 apply to the Phoenix based airplane (leg 1); itineraries 7 through 12 apply to the Denver based airplane (leg 2); itineraries 13 and 14 apply to the Phoenix based airplane (leg 3); itineraries 15 and 16 apply to the Denver based airplane (leg 4):

1PhoenixLas VegasA$ 180.0050
2PhoenixSan DiegoA$ 270.0040
3PhoenixSan FranciscoA$ 230.0035
4PhoenixLas VegasB$ 380.0015
5PhoenixSan DiegoB$ 460.0010
6PhoenixSan FranciscoB$ 560.0015
7DenverLas VegasA$ 200.0050
8DenverSan DiegoA$ 250.0045
9DenverSan FranciscoA$ 350.0040
10DenverLas VegasB$ 385.0015
11DenverSan DiegoB$ 445.0010
12DenverSan FranciscoB$ 580.0010
13San FranciscoPhoenixA$ 250.0070
14San FranciscoPhoenixB$ 600.0010
15San FranciscoDenverA$ 325.0050
16San FranciscoDenverB$ 585.0010

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