Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

The reflection assignment is a three (3)-page paper based knowledge gained in the course. The paper is a reflective writing of the peer-reviewed articles, various videos, and textbook that are presented in the various modules of the course. The student, after reading and studying each of these resources, should write the paper in the following format (one full paragraph per section): Reflective EssayIntroduction, Key Article Finding, Key Video Finding, Key Textbook Finding (in each of the ‘finding’ paragraphs be specific on the item that caught your attention in the course and why), and finally Your Opinion (last paragraph – what do you think of competitive analysis… and why). The body of the paper needs to be 3 full pages in length (not including title page and reference page). The written work must strictly follow APA format and exhibit critical thinking commensurate with undergraduate higher education.

The link for the video is

The book is Analysis for Marketing Planning

Article: How to Rethink Your Business During Uncertainty, by Rita McGrath published in the MIT Sloan Management Review (Spring 2009) (You can find it in google)

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