Organizational Leadership Philosophy Brief Homework

Organizational Leadership Philosophy Brief

Organizational Leadership Philosophy BriefOrganizational Leadership Philosophy Brief , A leadership philosophy, like the statement of sentiments, helps to bring into focus the thoughts and values most important for the improvement of leadership in an organization. Finally, a philosophy that is developed by the members of an organization can change the culture.  Get College Homework Help

Instructions: Prepare a Leadership Philosophy Brief on the above topic.

The requirements for this presentation are:

  • Must have UNCLASSIFIED on all slides.
  • This is an information briefing, not a reading.
  • The presentation will be 20 +/- 2 minutes.
  • Talking points in notes section of each slide.

Presentation will consist of 7 to 10 slides only (including Title Slide, Purpose Slide, & Conclusion). May use up to two other visual aids such as maps and diagrams, if desired.