Organizational Development Assignment

Organizational Development

Answer the following question. For the four of the following questions, answer each on a separate page. Each answer should no be longer than one page each.

1. You have decided to start an OD consulting firm after you finish your MHR degree. What will be your target industry? What will you specialize in? How are you going to get clients? How will you convince prospective clients of your credibility?

2. When the CEO of Gravity Payments (SHM, p. 361) introduced a minimum salary of $70,000, he apparently had not planned for the reactions that followed. If the CEO had approached you and asked for your help before introducing the change, how would you have proceeded?

3. Mr. Jackson owns several manufacturing plants and has just purchased a company that makes tire rims. The company has an OD department with three employees. Mr. Jackson doesn’t know anything about OD and he has asked you to design a study to see if OD really makes any difference. What do you propose?

4. Your company is hiring more and more employees who barely speak English. This is causing a lot of problems with long term employees. You are providing English classes for the new employees, but they aren’t lowering the tension between the two groups. What’s a solution to this problem?