Net Capital Spending Assignment

Net Capital Spending Assignment

If net fixed assets for 2016 was $14,000, what is the amount of the net capital spending for 2017? Remember that we use gross fixed assets to calculate net capital spending

Net Capital Spending AssignmentCash                                                                      $423

Accounts Receivable                                            15% of Total Revenue

Accounts Payable                                                 20% of Cost of Goods Sold

Notes Payable                                                       $800

Inventory                                                              $2,900

Net Fixed Assets                                                   $14,800

Long-term Debt                                                    $3,500

Common Stock                                                     $10,000

Total Revenue                                                      $7,200

Cost of Goods Sold                                               50% of Total Revenue

Depreciation Expense                                           $1,200

Selling, General, & Administrative Expense       $1,000

Interest Expense                                                   10% of Long-term Debt

Income Taxes                                                       35% of Taxable Income. Get Finance homework help today