Management During Crisis

Management During Crisis

The entire world is living through Covid-19 or what is now being called the ‘Coronavirus Crisis’. Many companies are navigating the fine line between the health and safety of their associates and managing sales and profits.

For your midterm, you will write a 2-page paper assessing how your organization initially responded to the Coronavirus Crisis from a management point of view.


  • How quickly did your company respond to the CDC or governmental recommendations?
  • Did they provide information to employees and customers about how they were responding to the crisis?
  • What steps did they take (or not take) in to keep employees and customers safe?
  • For those of you in grocery specifically or other “essential industries”, how did they handle staying open when employees might be fearful about coming to work?
  • If your organization had to shut down altogether, how was that communicated or handled?
  • What would you do differently if you were the manager or CEO of your organization?
  • In which ways, if any, did your organization “get it right”?

For those of you who are entrepreneurs or work in the home, feel free to assess how the college, your city, your county, or even the United States responded to the crisis.

Don’t think of it just as a citizen. Really consider this from a management or leadership perspective. Imagine YOU are the one having to make the tough calls and keep people informed within your organization.

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