Investigative Report On Writing In Career

Investigative Report On Writing In Career

1.What is the role of writing and other communication and how are they valued in the career, especially by managers and other leaders?

2.What kinds of writing skills do managers need?

Discuss the types of writing and communication done in the career.

The kinds of writing managers do in the career.

What good writing and communication mean

“focus on the following“

Basic Definition

Duties–what does someone in that career do?

Daily Life—

Skills needed—

Personality that is best for that career (patient, detail oriented, can deal with pressure, ability to work on tight deadlines, aggressive, assertive, passionate, ability to work with tech, etc.)

Technological Skills needed

Background knowledge needed

Preparation & Background (type of degree, training, cert, apprenticeship)

Career growth (where does one start out? where can one end up?)

Career outlook (% of growth, how many jobs will be needed? Keep in mind that a career growth can mean different things. For instance, a career with 1000 people in it right now and with a 100% growth rate in 10 years means that there will be space for only another 1000 people, while a career with 4 million people in it and 6% growth could mean that it will add 240,000 people)

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