Interpersonal Communication Assignment

Interpersonal Communication Assignment

The Role of Culture and Self-Awareness in Interpersonal Communication

You began preparing for this assignment in Week One by reviewing the required elements and reflecting on Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 content. There are three steps to completing this written assignment. Each step should be a separate, identifiable section of your paper. Start with an introductory paragraph that describes what you will be covering in your paper and end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the information you have provided. Use Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the textbook and other relevant resources.

First step:

· Describe the impact of culture on communication.

· Identify strategies you can use to demonstrate cultural sensitivity when working in human services settings. Be sure to use examples to help make your points.

Second step:

· Assess your own other-orientation, as described in the textbook, as one measure of self-awareness.

· Identify personal communication strengths and growth.

· Describe your strengths with regard to this perspective.

· Identify areas in which you would like to improve.

· Discuss how having a strong other-orientation might be helpful for interpersonal communication in human services.

Third step:

· Refer to Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the textbook and other relevant resources.

· Explain how both culture and self-awareness may be critical in interpersonal communication in human services.

· Identify two to three examples of effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that can be used to demonstrate self-awareness and culture in human service settings. Get College Homework Help today