Healthcare Exploration And Careers

Healthcare Exploration And Careers

For this discussion forum, you will perform a personal or self SWOT analysis. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your academic (College) experience and your pursuit of your desired healthcare profession(s) and career goals. (My desired healthcare profession and career goals is to be HEAD OF PEDIATRIC/NICU DEPARTMENT with my BSN in nursing)

The assigned reading and lecture video for this module will assist in understanding what a self SWOT is and how to complete one.  Provide the results of your personal SWOT along with any personal insight or thoughts to the results or your personal SWOT.

As we research and explore personal skills, traits, and interests this week, do these personal characteristics matter with your desired healthcare professions?  For example, can someone work in a healthcare job that has direct patient if they don’t necessarily enjoy interacting with people (patients)? Can an individual be truly successful in a healthcare job if their personal characteristics do not align very well with a healthcare profession?  Why or why not?

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