Grand Theft Auto Assignment

Grand Theft Auto

Play through the main storyline of the game you have selected and complete all readings assigned for this module. When completed, answer the following questions with approximately 2 pages each, double spaced. The best responses will go into detail about their in-game experiences and will reference multiple readings. Keeping notes while playing and reading is highly encouraged.

  • 1)  Discuss the most important moral dilemma faced by the protagonist in the game you have chosen to play. Make sure to explain the immediate outcome as well as any alternative options you, as the gamer, were offered. Next, discuss the long-term outcomes of your decision and how they impacted the remainder of the game.
  • 2)  Using the framework in the article“WhyWeLoveTrueCrime,” explain the allure of criminal activity as a form of artwork from the context of the game you selected. Do you think that violent crime-based video games alter our perception of crime in the real world?
  • 3)  The assigned readings offered diverging opinions on the merits of violent and crime-based video games. Using your in-game experiences and relying on the notes you kept during gameplay, take a stance on the issue. Your response should provide support for arguments from the readings on your side and directly respond to any opposing arguments presented in the readings. Get Social Science help today