Global Ethics Assignment

Global Ethics Assignment

Where Do You Come From? Global Ethics , We touched a little bit on this question in the week 1 introduction – start your essay off by expanding a bit on the moral foundation you lived with as a child and/or young person – i.e., your roots.  Describe what you believe to be the most important character traits your family of origin valued. If you had more than one family/home growing up, describe the one you think was most influential.

**Use these information to write: I am from Taiwan and family values are part of the core values that I have been brought up with, my parents taught me to hold on to the faith that we grew up with since the beginning. My parents taught me the value of hard work and with it success will come.**

Where Are You Now? What resonates with you, today, when you ask yourself the question “How do I want to live my life?” and “What do I expect from other people and institutions?” As we discussed last week, who you are today is significantly impacted by the values and beliefs you were exposed to growing up. That doesn’t mean we always mirror our childhood belief system!

Some people do remain consistent, other people are influenced by other sources and change over time. What character traits do you value right now, in yourself and from others? What new influencers shaped your moral foundation as you moved from childhood to adulthood? Resources: Think about the moral foundation exercise from week 1.

Use these information to write: See the info for questions one, and when I think of how do I want to live my life I think of my parents and my own goals, I would like to be success on the filed of international business and to finish all my goals.

The part for expext from other people I would say I hope people I meet and in my daily life’s people they can teach me something or somehow teach me a lesson that kind of thing. Sometimes I will also got infleuence by others, and I hope all the influence are good influenece. Last, Help me made out a new influenece for my moral foundation as I moved from childhood to adulthood to end up this question.**

This is my week 1 exercise : Taiwan is where I’ll call HOME when I’m not at school or US. Most of my family are in Taiwan, which is the place that I have grown up, I’ll call Taiwan my home is because of all of my favorite foods and  people are there, my best friends my family also my childhood memories.

Home should be a place that you feel comfortable and safe, where you can relax or be yourself. I like to be an international business person in the future, no matter it’s dealing with products or people, I like to travel and meet different people, learn new concepts, so I would like to work for an international company or have my own international company after I graduate.**

Where You Want to Be:Are you exactly the person you want to be, at all times, right now? Or do you have goals for your own moral growth and development? Describe those goals for personal growth, why a change in this direction is important to you, and describe what you think will need to happen for you to make the needed changes in order to “walk the talk.”

Use these information to write: Sometime I’m not the exactly person I want to be, because in real life we have to deal with different kind of issue, but often I am the person I want to be, I have goal my goal is to open my own business company that deal with internation stuff, if can be shipping or stocking. Help me made up the direction and personal gowth to end up this question. See the instruction up there .  Get  The Best Essay Writing Service Online with HelpHub