Future Of Mobile Technology

Future Of Mobile Technology

Please comment on the following.

1. I think one of the major changes in mobile technology in the past five years is that we use it way more for commerce. We purchase a lot more goods through our devices than we previously have mostly because of accessibility and advancements in technology. I think the coronavirus has only served to heighten our usage of mobile devices and technology which has also led to a refinement in certain processes. I believe that not the next five years but rather we will see great changes in the way we communicate, work, and even utilize education in the next 5 months. Because of the increased accessibility, it has created a culture that is heavily indoctrinated in instant gratification. Humans like being able to buy something, and receive it right away and this has caused unrealistic expectations for a lot of businesses. We all know what a Karen is haha.

2. It amazes me how much technology has changed within the past decades. I believe that it has dramatically changed in the last few years. When I got my first phone, it was a Motorolla Razr. It was nice to have. Now that I look at this generation’s technology, it allows the children to have nicer phones than we ever grew up with, which is the newest iPhones, and galaxies. They come out with these newest gadgets even for the younger children who learn through their gadgets such as ipads and tablets. They come with wireless headsets, more frequent wifi and signals, and just many more techniques that allow the younger generations to be more able to maneuver around what we grew up on. I believe that with new technologies coming out, each business needs to be able to come up with a better idea or product to stay relevant. With some new products, they give their customer’s a percentage cut, that allows them to be able to benefit way more too. I would love to see what the future holds within the business/technology world.

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