Fashion History Reportage

Fashion History Reportage

Imagine you are a journalist covering a ‘red carpet event’ in a century or design period of your choice.

Review all the guests who attend and do a reportage – think Andre Leon Talley for Vogue for a ‘magazine’ for example, or an important stylist preparing for a magazine article on a client.

Remember that this ‘article’ targeted to a RELEVANT HISTORICAL ERA and audience – imagine it is for one of the ‘new’ periodicals of that period e.g. in the 19th and 20th centuries it would have been ‘Godey’s Lady’s Book’, ‘Peterson’s’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, ‘Vogue’ or ‘Tatler’. If there were no ‘magazines in the period you choose, invent one!

You can choose contemporary celebrities, historical or fictional characters to decide what they are wearing etc.

Talk about fabrics, hair; make up, accessories and so on.

Do not forget to give a date i.e. are you writing about? E.g. Romans, Middle Ages, the Victorian period, later or prior?

Make it fun and interesting – include ‘images for photos’,

Include as much terminology as possible!

Consider if the celebrities come from different countries etc. actual garment pieces as worn in different parts of Europe.

Are the garments worn, ‘cheesy’, bad taste, etc.?

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