Exegetical Paper

Exegetical Paper

Exegetical Paper Instructions

You must submit an Exegetical Paper on a passage of your choosing. The instructor will provide a list of possible passages from which you may choose. The paper must follow current Turabian format. The paper must be 2,500–4,250 words (Note:Your title page, table of contents, and bibliography are not included as part of your total word count). You must include at least 7 scholarly sources (Note:Your textbooks do not count toward this total). Proper citation and use of sources is expected. You will also be graded on style and content.

You will find instructions for a basic exegetical paper in Appendix 2 of the textbook Grasping God’s Word.Submit a .doc or .docx file of your paper by uploading it to Blackboard. Submit your paper as an attachment rather than pasting it into the comments box.

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