Digital Forensics Tools and Tech

Digital Forensics Tools and Tech

We have talked about two great Mac imaging tools: ( and

So this is what I want you to do as a starting point.

  1. Research both tools.
  2. Do an cost comparison – how much would it cost for each person to be 100% ready for Mac forensics? What would the one-time costs look like and what would the renewal license each year look like?
  3. Do an comparison on whether these two vendors also offer training or certifications?
  4. Do you see anything else that you feel makes one vendor superior over the other?
  5. Could there be export restrictions that might prevent this being used in a country e.g. China?
  6. Do some research – what else might be a candidate and why?

Now that you are done – what would YOU recommend and why? Give me the bottom line!

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