Criminal Justice Essay

Criminal Justice Essay

This project increases students’ awareness and understanding of cases of white-collar crimes written in an academic style.


  • To identify and assess reliable peer reviewed journal articles of crimes and harms of the powerful you have read in your module.
  • To gain knowledge of accessing scholarly articles.
  • To gain experience in analyzing theoretical cases of white-collar crime.


  • To develop the ability to access relevant articles for research topics.
  • To reflect on how this awareness can help us grow in our analytic abilities.
  • To synthesize with a strong relationship between theory and the complexity of cases.


This is to be written in essay format.


  • Your role is to act as a researcher conducting a literature review.


You will be addressing this assignment not only to me but to other academics.


This assignment should be a 4-6 page essay (plus any references drawn on), double spaced, Time New Roman, 12 font with 1 inch margins.


You are to go through the CJ abstracts to identify 4 peer reviewed journal articles (between 2016-2020) that provide analysis of corporate crime, state-corporate crime, crimes of international financial institutions, state crime or articles of victimization by COP (hint you can also go to the journals direct such as critical criminology, contemporary justice review, social justice, the British journal of Criminology, etc. and search within them).  Select the articles to read. However, do not use all corporate crimes or state crimes, etc., there should be at least 3 different types that you have learned. Do not use occupational crimes. You should not repeat the articles, rather summarize each, note and assess the method used (if stated), the theory used and the author’s case.


The relevance of this assignment is directly related to the student learning objective #1 & 2 (see syllabus)

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