Class And Gender Assignment

Class And Gender Assignment

Scenario: Researchers provided both contents of class and gender of the instructor within vignettes for 2 classes of students that were manipulated by the experimenter. Helphub 

For example, the content manipulated in the two different classes was either counseling or research methods. The gender of the instructor manipulated in the vignettes was either male or female. In the research results, the main effects indicated instructor gender and course content were not statistically significant.

Answer each question in a maximum of 250 words excluding citations: Which of the following research designs is the above experimenter using? Why do you say that? What is the strength of the design that you selected from the list below?

a)      Inverted U

b)     2 x 2

c)      IV x PV

d)     None of the above (What alternative design then?)

Instruction: Provide a definition of your concept design from our text then, discuss support for your selection including an example from the research that illustrates your point. Do so with a maximum of 250 words excluding citations.