Chief Red Cloud Assignment

Chief Red Cloud Assignment

For this assignment, students are required to examine the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 signed between the Sioux tribes and the federal government. Students will be directed to the PBS website listed below for this assignment.

In a 1 1/4 page essay analysis, discuss the terms of the 1868 treaty with the Sioux tribes using specific examples from the online document. What was the purpose and significance of the Treaty and what impact did it have on the Sioux cultures? Be sure to cite specific examples from the treaty in your discussion. Students should also use chapter 17 of the American Promise and the lecture notes for Unit 2 to support their analysis. Chapter 17 will help provide the historical context in which the treaty was signed by the tribes and the U.S. government.

Assignments should be double-spaced and written in essay format. Students may use parenthetical referencing within the text of their essay to cite any class sources used in their assignment. You may cite the treaty by referring to the Article you are referring to either in the text of your sentence or in parenthesis at the end of your sentence.

Do not use sources outside of the original Fort Laramie Treaty or the class books to discuss the treaty or you will be penalized. Students may use additional content available on the PBS website listed below for further background to the treaty. Get History homework help today

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