Cause And Effect Writing Assignment

Cause And Effect Writing Assignment

Essay Assignment: Select only one topic below:

1. Discuss the effects of stress impact on health.
2. How globalization affects the economy in the United States
3. Why do non-Hispanic Blacks have the highest percentage of single-parent households? Discuss the causes and effects.
4. Given the evidence that cigarette smoking is harmful, what causes some people to continue to smoke cigarettes? What are the effects?
5. Human trafficking cases are on the increase in the United States. Why? Discuss the causes and effects.
This will require research on your selected topic. Give credit to the source and use APA style.

Do not use 2nd person pronouns (you, your); do not use contractions (can’t, don’t); do not use 1st person (I, we) pronouns; you must type in 12-inch font, times new roman, double space, 600 words or more, and save using Microsoft office software, indent paragraphs. Heading for paper includes your name, date, and course; send as an attached file. Click on browse for a file to find your document, upload file.

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