Business Law Assignment

Business Law Assignment 

John Smith and Juan Gonzalez are good friends and have known each other for a long time. They are interested in opening a “laundry and dry cleaning” business.

They have different social and economic backgrounds and needs. Mr. Smith is retired and has some investment money available; Mr. Gonzalez is a younger man with little money but a lot of experience in the “laundry and dry-cleaning business” and is willing to work in the proposed business.

Smith and Gonzalez decide to consult with your employer, M. Newlaw, Esq., as to which type of business organization will be best suited for their individual needs.

M. Newlaw needs your assistance in determining the most adequate type of organization. To this end he assigns you a research project (8-10) pages long, typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins) in which you must consider the different types of business organizations (partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies)  and recommend based on the individual needs of the clients, the issue of liability, easy of organization, taxation, salaries, transferability, etc., the type of business organization best suited for his clients.

The report is to be 8-10 long and done in APA-Style

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