Business Ethics Discussion

Business Ethics Discussion

How would you describe that factors that determine the tone at the top?

Post your response to the weekly question(s) by 11:59 PM (Eastern) on Sunday.  This posting should be at least 250 words.  Respond to at least 2 other postings on separate days in each forum by 11:59 PM (Eastern) on Saturday.  Your primary posting can end with a “tag-line” or a related question of your own.  Your secondary postings can either answer another student’s question, or comment on their answering my question.  In addition, please ensure that you answer all of my questions.

1st student response (Divya Garimella) :

The tone at the top defines and determines the ethical atmosphere at work place and the intensity of commitment by the organization’s board members and upper management are concerned that the employees to have an good ethical culture, being honest and have right to speak or open up. while leaders communicate the vision of the company, mission, core values and commitment to ethical behavior which drives the culture and resonates with employees, that is what they see and hear in everyday at workplace from their supervisors. The right tone at top and the risk culture  are the important drives of better organizational performance and have as a feature the risk management into their strategic planning and process and operating to have a competitive advantage. When upper management are not concerned about the ethical values and focuses solely on the bottom lines, it gives liberty to the employees to commit fraud and they feel that no importance and priority is given for ethical conduct at workplace (Cornelius. D, 2009)

Few factors needs to be implemented and addressed by executive management directors in regards with tone at the top by making a great effort to execute strong tone at the top, establish to support the organization culture, organizing a constant review of tone in the middle and tone at the bottom, make sure the effective escalation process is adopted in organization, internal auditing plays a key role in monitoring the tone of the organization, enable the right levels of organization fundamentals, include training or educate good risk management process, monitor on who do the right things and recognize and appreciate them, so that it encourages others to have good culture (Roboff. G, 2016).

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