Brief Essay

Brief Essay

You have to write a policy brief on US-Russian relations and their immediate future. Typically, a policy brief is a written report to justify a particular government policy chosen over other options; it contains arguments to describe this policy’s accomplishments and problems (even failures). In many cases, policy briefs are produced upon a request from a government department, institution, or some other organization.

In your present report, you have to evaluate the current status if US-Russia relations from your point of view and propose specific policy steps for 2020-25. As a professional, you are expected to compare and contrast different views and opinions of US-Russia relations and the United States’ policy toward Russia. I recommend to review at least 5 articles that outline at least three different views about the possibility of improving relations between the two countries: (1) cautiously optimistic, (2) cautious, and (3) pessimistic, critical.

Use policy articles or op-eds (which express the opinion of a named author usually not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board).

Suggested sources (for starters):

The Heritage Foundation

The Carnegie Foundation

The Economist

Feel free to use the articles posted on the textbook-affiliated Facebook page:

Which articles did you choose for your analysis? Summarize their conclusions in 1-2 paragraphs.

Which position or opinion do you tend to support? Why do you support this position?

Which view you do not support and why?

What policies—from your point of view—should the United States conduct toward Russia in 2020-25?

What positive outcomes do you expect if your policy is implemented?

What negative consequences do you expect if your recommendations fail?

Provide a summary and conclusion.

Review your paper and provide a catchy quote for the beginning of your brief.

The length of you brief: at least 3,000 words Times New Roman font 12 double spaced

Review your paper and provide a catchy quote for the beginning of your brief.

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