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A visual analysis essay is an essay for entry-level taught in high school and early courses in the university. Both students taking art history and communication use visual analysis to enhance comprehension of visual messages and art. Here at Helphub, we provide the definition of the term and provide an elaborate guide on how to look at a piece of art and offer visual analysis essay writing services. As challenging or interesting as it might sound, our experts here at HelpHub are ready to guide and ensure you excel in your academics.

What Is Visual Analysis?

Visual analysis is the process of examining a piece of visual art, film, photograph, or painting, and dissecting it to the intended meaning and execution means of the artist. In other cases, works are analyzed for historical purposes and their implications on art, culture, and politics. Therefore, this article is to help you understand visual analysis essay writing.

The whole process of visual analysis can be applied to visual art, photojournalism, painting, writing, photography, journalism, and film. These mediums are usually meant for entertainment purposes. However, the visual analysis goes beyond entertainment. It focuses on themes, form, execution, and the elements that are put together to make the work up. For instance, classical painting is the most common subject for visual analysis essays due to its history and depth.

How To Carry Out Visual Analysis

You are probably wondering what to look for during visual analysis, you should stress no more. The key principles can be applied and learned in any medium, whether it is painting or photography. Given the common nature of classical paintings for visual analysis essay writing, we will be talking about paintings.

What To Look For

When conducting a visual analysis, the following are some of the aspects you should look for:

  1. Who is the painter and what era of art did they belong to?
  2. What was the objective of the painter?
  3. What is the target audience?
  4. What is the historical significance/context?

Process Of Visual Analysis Essay Writing

Students who study communications or art develop the skill of formal analysis further over the years. Note that not every type of analysis is applicable to all works of art, this is because each piece of art is unique. Therefore, it is fundamental to keep in the back of your mind that every work is unique in its own way.

Step 1: general information

Step 2: description of the painting

Step 3: comprehensive analysis

ü  Step 1: General Information

It is critical to identify the following vital information on the piece of art and the artist:

  • The subject- what or who does the whole work represent?
  • The artist – who is the author? Always refer to them by their last name.
  • Provenance and date – where and when was the art made? Is it typical of its geographical location or historical time?
  • Current and past locations – where was the initial location the piece of work was displayed, and what is its current location?

Medium and techniques of creation- what medium was the work made for and what is its importance to the particular medium? Identify the materials used and the size.

ü  Step 2: Description of The Painting

After providing general information, the next step is to provide a detailed description of what the painting represents or depicts. This part of the essay is like an abstract. It entails a summary of all visible elements of the piece while painting the image in the minds of the readers. The following are some dominant characteristics to look for in a piece of painting:

  • Figures or characters- what are the characters and what do they represent in the painting
  • Identify the theme or story depicted- if it is a classical painting
  • Pay close attention to colors and shapes- if it is an abstract painting
  • The overall mood and lighting of the painting
  • Carefully identify the setting of the painting

ü  Step 3: Comprehensive Analysis

The better part of the visual analysis essay is the detailed analysis section. At this point, you are required to go beyond the primary features and focus on the elements of art and the design principles of the work.

Elements of art normally deal with the intricate techniques of a painting the artist and the composition basics.

  • Shape- shapes can be hidden or distinct, identify every geometrical pattern of the piece of art.
  • Lines- painter uses horizontal and straight to curved, thick, and even implied lines.
  • Colors- carefully identify how the artist uses color, what are the primary colors, the secondary colors, and is the painting cool or warm-the tone of the painting.
  • Use of light- what is the source of light? Is the lighting flat? Identify whether the artist uses even or contrasting colors and elaborate on the significance of the decision to use such lighting technique in relation to the work of art.
  • Use of space- elaborate on how the painter shows depth, and establish the type of perspective used in the painting.
  • Patterns- are some patterns repeated in the painting? Patterns can be in the form of hidden texts and figures.

Since every work of art is unique, it is critical to be clear and thoughtful in the manner in which you wish to discuss the design principles and art elements you wish to talk about in your visual analysis essay. However, it is important to note that visual analysis is not limited to painting and is applicable to other mediums such as photography.

Visual analysis essay writing will come early in your art history and communication degrees. Thus, is it critical to note that learning how to critically and formally analyze art is a vital skill? Before you begin the analysis, conduct comprehensive research on the life and background of the painter. Most importantly, pay attention to the intricate elements the painter might have hidden from plain sight. HelpHub has a team of art and communication experts who are ready to answer all your questions on visual analysis essay writing.

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