Audits and Tax Returns Assignment

Audits and Tax Returns Assignment

1)SOLVER: An accounting has 900 hours of staff time and 155 hours of reviewing time available each week. The firm charges $2500 for an audit and $350 for a tax return.

Each audit requires 75 hours of staff time and 10 hours of review time. Each tax return requires 12.5 hours of staff time and. 2.5 hours of review time.

What numbers of audits and tax returns will yield an optimal revenue? What is the optimal revenue? [25]

2)MACROS: Develop a macro with the following capability; T have a list of 6 basketball players drawn from 2 teams. Check each player for the color of their uniform. Count the number of red uniforms and display this number in yellow

Smith red

Jones blue

Xavier  blue

Torres  blue

Huang  red (25)

3) Date: Count the number of days from today (12/17/2019) until the celebration of Lincoln’s birthd 2/12/2020. (15)

4)Nested If (with OR): Develop a Nested IF for the following situation If you have a midterm exam grade above 90 or a final exam grade above 90 your receive an “A however if you receive a midterm grade below 60 or a final exam grade below 60 you receive ar “P”grade, otherwise a “P” grade (for Passing). Using your Nested If command insert the appro grade in C1, C2, C3. Get Finance homework help today