ANOVA Assignment

ANOVA Assignment

A. Null hypothesis

B. Alternative hypothesis

C. Calculated Statistic

D. Critical Region/Value

E. Decision

F. What are the degrees of freedom?

G. Interpretation

Use tA math instructor is interested in determining whether class standing is related to performance on the final exam. Below are the test scores by class standing. What should the instructor conclude?from(Significance level: alpha = .05)bas molor lanoilsubs pisifini of bozu outs ai "LAM ort blow Iesa nollownlais bne moduairwo orli alaufavFreshmen:35, 37, 36, 46, 49, 51, 54, 42, 53, 48(aliabnert aM wordf2 salt shivSophomores: 34, 42, 44, 46, 42, 62, 60, 52, 63, 45Juniors:44, 70, 65, 24, 49, 62, 47, 58te eloodoe runThe statistical test used is a one-way ANOVA. See the calculated statistic below.The results of a ANOVA statistical resource forum ofborrityd. f.MeanwhoimVariationSquaresaeat nwo trorliSquaresgeo Sl botousbetween238. 1N1. 048ai notloo2839. 09125970m119.0error113 . 6 nobu12total3077.1 27The probability of this result, assuming the null hypothesis, is 0.37. Get Statistics Homework Help  with  HelpHub .