Advertising Assignment

Advertising Assignment

Written Assignment

Billboards, posters, and outdoor signs are considered by some to be the oldest forms of advertising. From the time of the Revolutionary War, when posters were used for propaganda, outdoor signage has been used to promote events such as circuses, political campaigns, and military recruiting. Although the advent of television put the future of outdoor signage in question, the establishment of a federal highway system in the 1960s brought new promise, and billboards and other creative outdoor displays were revitalized by new opportunity.

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1.  What types of markets are best suited for outdoor signage?

2.  Describe how Beach ‘N Billboard has seized upon a unique market opportunity, as outdoor signage such as posters and billboard did in advertising’s history.

3.  Explain how Beach ‘N Billboard represents an environmentalist response to the notion that billboards represent a form of visual pollution.

Your write-up should be 200+ words in length. Provide as much detail as possible.

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