Advance Diploma Of Business

Advance Diploma Of Business

Required documents and equipment:

  • Computer with      internet connection to refer to various resources.
  • Australian School      of Commerce Learners’ resources for the unit BSBINN601 – Lead and manage organisational change (organised by      the trainer/assessor)
  • Learner’s notes

Instructions for students:

Advance Diploma Of Business§ This assessment will be conducted in Computer lab with access to the resources listed above.

§ You must answer all knowledge questions as part of this assessment and submit answers in electronic copy. The assessor will verify the authenticity of the work by asking questions regarding the answers provided. You must satisfactorily answer all questions to be deemed Satisfactory for this assessment.

§ Be concise provide explanation according to the given word-limit and do not provide irrelevant information. Be careful, quantity is not quality.

§ Be careful to use non-discriminatory language. The language used should not devalue, demean, or exclude individuals or groups on the basis of attributes such as gender, disability, culture, race, religion, sexual preference or age. Gender inclusive language should be used.

§ When you quote, paraphrase, summarise or copy information from the sources you are using to write your answers/research your work, you must always acknowledge the source.

§ You are required to mention your name and student Id in either header or footer of the assessment document to be submitted.

Planning the assessment for Advance Diploma Of Business

Access all resources mentioned in required resources, either printed copies or access via the internet.

  • You must answer all questions in the      knowledge test assessment for Advance Diploma Of Business.
  • Time allocated to complete this      assessment is 1 hours.
  • Complete and submit the assessment on the      same day of the assessment.
  • Assessor will set a time to provide      feedback.

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